Uncovered for Cover-Up Makeup

The trend is to buck the trend, and always has been. After decades of ambivalence over retouching in advertising photography, regular folks are beginning to get clued in to some of the effort that goes into idealizing advertising images. Now that the thesis has been identified, it is time for the antithesis. Ads without retouching, that want you to know they haven't been retouched.

Sephora's Unretouched Advertising

Sephora claims to be the first to go to print without the aid of photoshop, but not so many years ago Dove ran a campaign that drew attention to how beauty is manufactured. The television ad drew a lot of attention, it was well made and made its point loudly.

The Dove ad can be seen on YouTube.

One thing that keeps drawing my attention on the Sephora ad: she is holding the camera upside down. Funny, I am not bothered by the lack of retouching, I am not bothered by the shape of her locked elbow. But that camera. . .

Thanks to Greg for drawing my attention to the Sephora ad.