Google Glass, Another Vision

My alternate vision of smart eyewear before Google Glass. A few weeks ago The Verge got a hands on preview of what the first shipping version of Google Glass actually looks like -- the shocking bit is that it doesn't really look like a pair of eye glasses.

(I really recommend checking out the video that's part of The Verge's website, Glass seems to work just like promised.)

Another shocker is that this first version does not support corrective lenses. If you wear glasses already, you can't use Google's eyeglasses at the moment.

Wearable computers and eyeglasses that enhance your perception of the world around you are not Google's invention, nor are they a new idea. Wearable devices have been the next thing for years, but it looks like finally the idea and technology will converge with the present. There are a few smart watches in the market right now, and the rumor mill is going being stirred up into a frenzy about Apple having a pseudo wristwatch device in the works. Between Apple's probably entry (whatever it might be) and Google Glass, 2013 is for sure when wearable devices go mainstream.

A few years ago I was inspired by Wired Magazine's excellent feature, FOUND: Artifacts from the Future, that at the back of each issue prints a photoillustration of a futurist product in an every day setting. The very first idea I wanted to tackle was (of course) smart eye glasses. Apparently the Google's designers were not as bound by the convention of traditional eyewear.