A Swell Day to be Outdoors

Fred Ritter from SWELL taking the opportunity of a cooler day to work outdoors. Right now in Philadelphia we are "enjoying" an Excessive Heat Warning, but a few weeks ago the weather was much more comfortable and I was able to meet Fred Ritter, of SWELL, for a short portrait shoot outdoors in University City.

We wanted to match the feel of photographs I had done earlier of SWELL's Principal, Greg O'Loughlin.

Greg O'Loughlin, SWELL.

The images needed to feel relaxed and speak to the fact that both Greg and Fred spend much of their time out of the office meeting and working with their clients. In the interest of keeping with that theme but not being too strictly tied to it, we decided to avoid coffee shops and shoot outdoors.

A relaxed outdoor portrait is a great choice for a website's bio page.

Taking advantage of open shade to control the light falling on Fred, I was able to find three distinct locations within one block of each other and work efficiently with a minimal amount of equipment.

Props can give a photograph a feeling of purpose.

SWELL is working on a new website slated to launch later this summer. I am looking forward to seeing the new site's design and their use of my images.