At Work

Props help create a purpose and direct action. Prospective clients visit your website not just to find a way to contact you, but to learn about you and your staff. Many times it will be the first impression your business makes on that client.

Good head shots are important, but they don't have to be your company's only face.

Traditionally a company's website might have a scrolling page of head shots with a short blurb with each person's bio. This is very useful and efficient way of showing every member of staff. Presenting your staff only as a mosaic of smiling faces misses an important opportunity to communicate with current and prospective clients.

Let your clients put a face to the voice on the telephone.

Showing the "Team At Work" on your website communicates more than just competence, it can show your organization's personality.

Reviewing paper work.

The trick to making these photographs successful is to make them feel as natural as possible. For these images I use minimal lighting that looks natural and allows the camera to move around the action, and ask the subjects to pretend it is a normal day and I am not there.

An improptu meeting on the street.

This last part can naturally be the largest hurdle because the normal work day usually doesn't include a photographer, a photographer's assistant, and flash bulbs firing. But, if I take my time, give them some props, some minimal direction, and let them talk about their work, people will fall into their normal banter and I can get the best images.