Eating Well Locally

Kristin and Scott, owners of Breezy's Cafe The best business ideas are born from realizing that there is something you yourself want and there is no one out there providing it yet. My friends, Kristin Wolak and Scott Harnish, were frustrated with the food choices in their neighborhood and decided to do something about it.

Kristin and Scott were also looking to make a career change, so it made sense to bring the kind of food they wanted to eat to Point Breeze, Philadelphia. And it seems to be a hit with their neighbors, the cafe has already moved to a much larger and better location a few blocks from its original spot!

Fred Muser, cook at Breezy's Cafe

Breezy's Cafe serves up local and all natural ingredients in responsible, biodegradable packaging, all in a colorful and quirky setting -- my personally favorite touch are the board game table tops.

Breezy's Cafe is located at 1200 Point Breeze Ave in Philadelphia. Check them out on their website, and on Facebook.