Teams Work

Whether to illustrate and support a feature article or to give a face to a business' website, photographs of teams busy at work are an essential part of creating a company's visual profile. These types of images are most successful when they look unposed and natural, the gestures are dynamic, and the lighting does not look artificial.


In the Office

Natural and unposed is the best mantra to successful photos of teams at work. I find it best to have everyone in the shot engaged in an action that feels natural to them. I like to create a situation that the subjects find familiar and then let them interact with each other while asking them to perform a task or motion that feels normal to them. A beautiful, bright, and airy corner office also goes a long way to create a beautiful photograph!


While Volunteering

The Comcast Cares Day is a yearly event when Comcast encourages their employees to give back to their community. Not only is it a great community service, but it also creates opportunities to capture great images of teamwork. These photographs are always a lot of fun because the subjects have a natural sense of the joy in their work — a sense of the greater good that they have chosen to be part of. 


In an Environment

Creating a sense of place is highly important. The environment that the team inhabits provides important context and grounds the photograph in reality. The most successful of these images place the subjects in their environment. The setting provides the necessary context and can be a near limitless source of props and familiar scenarios for the team to engage each other.


Outstanding in the Field.

Outdoors these groups really shine, especially with the aid of great natural light helped along with supplemental fill-flash. Suggesting an action or props for the group to engage with is essential. When working with regular people instead of models it is very important to direct them to situations where they feel comfortable and their body language does not seem stiff and uncomfortable. Familiar actions are best!


Independently and Together

Often teams work in the same space but each person is engaged in their separate task. In these cases it works best to feature a team member in the foreground and place the rest of the team in the background helping to create the context for the image as well as giving a sense of the size of the team and how they accomplish their goals.

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